tipo and vivo

Two words that—together— describe a lively type of design.

Design affects your perception of any given thing, while good design is indistinguishable from the thing itself. 
Good design makes navigating information easier; understanding content faster. Good design adds to your experience without overwhelming it. Good design involves some theory, some creative genius and a whole lot of practice. 
I’ve got tons of practice. And what I might lack in genius, I compensate with knowledge, creativity and purpose. I like getting to the essence of things. I thrill at distilling what a piece is about, and conveying it visually. I love working for meaningful projects, shaping communities, solving problems.
I, who? 
You might be wondering who has made all the creative assets and client deliverables in this site. I don’t blame you. Nowadays it’s just so hard to know who has done what, exactly. Let me just come out and say that the designer behind everything tipovivo is Cecilia Reifschneider, yours truly, also known as Ciça.
I am a graphic designer, communicator and strategic thinker with over a decade of experience working for both national and international corporate and government clients. 
Originally from Brazil —and partially raised in Italy— I currently live in the United States. Having  received a BFA in Graphic Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2005, I have worked for Advertising Agencies, Multilateral Institutions, PR Agencies and Individual Businesses.
So, why tipovivo? What does it even mean?
Tipovivo is a play on two homonyms that speak to the technical aspects of graphic design. In Portuguese, "tipo" is the word for both person or type (typographical); while "vivo" can mean witty or lively, among other things. 
The name "tipovivo" was actually first suggested by my kid brother—in a typically exuberant family brainstorming session—back in 2006. There’ve been a plethora of different contenders since, but I find myself gravitating back to this one. It encompasses many personal and professional dichotomies of my designer life.
Got it. How can we work together?
If you have a project that could benefit from good design, based on your audience needs and your goals, I’d love to hear from you.
Thank you for getting in touch!
Let’s be friends.
Just want to get a glimpse into how I see the world?  Maybe interact in a creative capacity? You can find me on Instagram as "cicasees" — I'll see you there.
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