No worries. If you’ve hired a professional to create your logo, chances are you already own these files. It’s just a matter of finding the file with the appropriate file extension. I’ll go over the possibilities in a sec, but first … What does “vector file” even mean?! Vectors are files where the elements are...
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It’s really great when a client has a clear idea of what they want. If you tell me you need a foldable infographic, that tells me you know what you want. Unfortunately, I just can’t tell exactly what that is. You see, the term “infographic” is a really hot word right now, but the concept...
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Should you place all the images images in a Word document? Would it be better if they were placed in individual PowerPoint Slides? Well, actually, the very best way to share images is just to share the original file. That way, the image keeps the resolution it started off with—and your designer can choose to...
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Hiring a designer can be confusing.

There are times when instructions get lost in translation, files look wonky, and expectations aren’t met (on both sides). But it doesn’t have to be like that. Below is a running list of tips to help you navigate everything from how to share an image with your designer, to what to expect a print-pdf to look like. Hopefully these short explanations will help make things clear, and improve your next experience hiring any creative.

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