Personal Trainer Identity

Developed the branding (logo and visual identity) and website for Daniel Becker, a personal trainer in Brasilia, Brazil.

ClientDaniel Becker

Logo Design

I wanted to create a logotype, since this personal trainer wasn’t well known in the market and I felt that a logo mark would not translate to brand name identification. The challenge was giving a nod to the fact that this trainer also taught pilates, while keeping a masculine feel and not driving customers that might be interest is weight-training away.

I solved this problem by joining the C and the K in “Becker” and opening the symbol up for interpretation:
is it a pilates ball? or is it a clock? what do you see first?

Business Cards

Simple & bold—these business cards are sure to remind customers time is ticking away and they haven’t trainer today. Shouldn’t they call their personal trainer?

Website Design

Freelancers, small business owners and personal trainers all need to be able to quickly access and edit their website, which is why my go-to platform is WordPress. In this case I took the photos for the site and set it all up using a purchased template.

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