Restaurant Identity & Storefront

Mintwood Place DC needed an identity that was both timeless and contemporary. The Restaurant was well into their renovation process—chalk-full of salvaged pearls—when I started working on their identity design. After a bit of field work around the Adams Morgan neighborhood—and the street that inspired the restaurant’s name—I decided to carry the “salvaged” look to Mintwood’s identity design. I repurposed the brick-red of the townhouses in Mintwood Pl, the street-sign typography and the shape of one of the restaurant’s tile backsplash. The result was an unique identity blends seamlessly with the neighborhood, adding to the coziness and allure of the establishment.

Cecilia Reifschneider / Creative & Production
Mintwood Place / Photography 
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 barackobamadotcom / Obama Photo

ClientMintwood Place Restaurant